Congratulations "Papa" Marco!

As you know, it is incredibly important to shovel things with frosting in your face when celebrating a life event. We take these kinds of social mores very seriously at KRS. Birthday? There shall be things with frosting! Holiday? Things With Frosting! Wedding? Things With Frosting! Wednesday? Again Yes Frosting! New Baby? Bring it! And by "it" we mean "Frosting!"

In addition to the excuse for frosting, we are all so excited for our senior designer, Marco, who is about to become a first time papa! Andy made cupcakes.
We taste-tested baby food (yes we did!) and Anna proved to have the most refined palate. She knew her pears from her apples and also brought the brightest smile.
And then there's the man of the hour. Get ready to not sleep for at least two years, Marco! We are so so happy for you and your growing family!
If you were thinking, "wow KRS must have joined Instagram look at all those square pictures with hip retro filters," then you are right. We have no idea what we're doing with Instagram but so far it's been a lot of fun. If you're on Instagram too then come follow us we're @KingRetail.