Amsterdam Inspired

We recently joined the world of Pinterest and are officially kind of obsessed (but I mean, that's like saying, "We recently tried this thing called a taco, have you heard of it? I don't know if anyone else thinks it's good but we think it's great!") Pinterest is like a creativity and prettiness free pile, so on top of pinning up some of our own images we are loving finding all kinds of inspiration by browsing the pretty.

Today's sofa desk chair surfing was a one-thing-leads-to-another eyeball adventure that eventually settled in images of Amsterdam and its unique take on retail spaces. This city of classic architecture, bold color statements, and edgy styling is overflowing in beauty and beautiful restaurants, stores, and cafes abound. Here are just a few of the images that have us bezield.
Starbucks concept store (above/below)
Hotels Citizen M
Mohawk General Store
Red Wing
Pols Potten Store
Industrial overtones, pitch-perfect lighting, and overstated, yet understated fixtures, signage, and decor make these spaces compelling and inviting in a way that is uniquely Amsterdam-ian (a word!) and has us inspired. 

pinterest images via: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


KRS Goes to the Dogs

On Sunday, several of KRS' animal-lovin' employees along with their friends, pups, and families got together to participate in the Greenhill Humane Society annual Bark in the Park event.
The day was absolutely gorgeous. The gang was all smiles. Our poor, pasty Oregon skin even saw a little much needed sunlight. Andy drank a box of milk. Fun was had by all.

Together, the KRS-sponsored team raised about $800 for the dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small critters that Greenhill cares for. For more info on the Greenhill Humane Society you can click here.

We wanna give a HUGE BIG AWESOME THANK YOU to all the KRS participants:
Amy, Andy, Brianna, Britney, Cat, Chelsey, Chris, Demetri, Ira, Jackson, Jamie, Jeanne, John, Kris, Krista, Matthew, Meg, Michelle, Samantha, Shaun, Tammy, and Theresa!


Just Right: La Padá Brazilian Bakery

On one of my city-walking outings, while visiting family in Florianópolis, Brazil, I stopped for a coffee with snack at La Padá Bakery.
this photo via La Padá
From the outside the place really caught my attention by the cool modern architectural building and sidewalk sign – very unique.
Metal structure + Concrete + Wood + Brick + Green Wall – honest materials

While inside, everything made sense – the layout, spatial distribution, and the visuals expressed by a balanced interior design and branded graphics.
La Padá opened in the beginning of 2011 and its space is described as gourmet bakery/coffee/bistrô with a mini-market.

I had a “cafezinho” – small brazilian-style espresso with cheese and meat empanada. Good service, good snack in a very charming space.
It was a nice and pleasant find.

A happy marriage between good architecture and visual design – just right.


What's In Store, Second Edition

What's in Store, KRS' quarterly newsletter, hit newsstands inboxes yesterday with its second edition.

This time we took a look at retail trends for Spring 2012 both domestically (US retail sales are on the rise) and internationally (the hottest spot for retailers in South America). What else is new in retail? Holograms and neon! That's right, we said holograms and neon. You heard it here first.

Our quarterly e-rag also takes a look at how KRS' top retail design clients (including groceries, convenience stores, big box, quick service restaurants, hospitals, and more) are faring against the general economy. In a nutshell, is retail re-design and upkeep good for business? Signs point to "yes" for KRS' clients.

We've also been busy in the public eye lately, featured in publications, speaking engagements, tradeshows, and publishing our own retail design white papers.
Wanna get on the wire? Email whatsinstore@kingrs.com to be added to the distribution list.