Where It's At: Dubai {part 2}

{part 1} was all about retail spaces that caught our eye during our trip to the UAE. Now we just want to geek out with you over the middle eastern opulence and modern architectural amazingness that is Dubai. So without further ado...

Sensory overload in the best possible way. From the rich smells of spice to the ornate tilework overhead to peacocks, our heads were spinning trying to take it all in. We came away with a refreshed appreciation for this truly unique city and both modern and middle eastern inspiration for our upcoming design project that brought us halfway across the globe.


Where It's At: Dubai {part 1}

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Dubai (twist our arms) for a client and our minds are officially blown by the retail amazingness that is this over-the-top city. Seriously, even the McDonald's we saw was ultra-fahncy and cool. In this first post {part 1 of 2} we wanted to share with you some amazing retail spaces we scoped out while touring the town. Classic, and oh-so-golden Louis Vuitton...
Four million (we counted) paper butterflies suspended in the atrium near Mulberry.
Armani/Dubai Caffé
And then for the more traditional café goer, a classic Starbucks. We'd know you anywhere! Home away from home!

Candy much? This wonderland of a retail space turned our eyes to saucers and gave us the sugar shakes and we never even went inside.
Poppin pastels, organic shapes and a futuristic feel all came together at Switch restaurant and lounge.
Finally, the aforementioned McDonald's Dubai. So cool.

Thanks for sharing in our mini-tour. More Dubai inspiration to come in part 2!


Viva Las Vegas! KRS at GlobalShop

GlobalShop 2012 is right around the corner and KRS wouldn't miss it for 100 flying Elvises (Elvisi?).

Swing By; Say Hello; Get Inspired
We invite you to come by our space #3044I in the first ever Design Inspiration Showcase, an invitation-only feature located in the center of the Sands Expo and Convention Center, highlighting a small number of select retail design firms.

Schedule a Hello
If you would like to arrange a meeting time, please email business.relationships@kingrs.com.

Design Theater Presentation
KRS will be presenting in the Design Theater on Wednesday, 2/29 at 2:00. Creative director, Chris Studach, and Executive VP, Andrew Swedenborg, will offer a short case study on the path to VMSD Retail Renovation of the Year 2011, featuring KRS client the Robert Fresh Market – Lakeview, a space severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina which was renovated with a goal of providing a grocery renaissance to a neighborhood recovering from the storm.

We look forward to the show and hope to see you in Vegas!


4, 3, 2, 1... ignition

We are excessively excited to report that KRS has "launched" (see what we did there, now, with this post's title?) its enewsletter, What's in Store.

Now that we're newsies, what with a quarterly rag and all, we're all about wearing tweed and dropping the 40s gumshoe slang, ya see. Not sure if it makes sense, but it feels hotsy-totsy.

So, you ask, what's the rumble? Point your peepers to the right. That's the rumble...

Wanna get on the wire? Email whatsinstore@kingrs.com to be added to the distribution list.

ps. We promise to quit it already with the lingo. Soitenly we do. We're keen to how annoying it probably is. Ok, we're done.