KRS Releases White Paper

“Retail's Newest Members: Non-Traditional Retailers Creating Retail Experience” delves into the growing trend of organizations in industries such as banking, education, hospitality, and medicine employing traditional retail strategies to strengthen customer loyalty and grow sales.

Leading retail design firm, King Retail Solutions (KRS), announced today the release of its most recent white paper.

“Retail's Newest Members: Non-Traditional Retailers Creating Retail Experience” discusses how tried and true retail strategies perfected by retail leaders are being adopted (with great success) by not-so-run-of-the-mill retailers such as banks, day spas, and hotels.

Tactics such as consumer research, branding, marketing, space planning, fixture design, optimized lighting, merchandising, packaging, online storefronts, social media, and more work just as effectively for non-traditional retailers as they do for retail big wigs like Target, Gap, Safeway, and Starbucks.

To view the white paper online, visit: http://kingrs.com/whitepaper/nontraditionalretailers.pdf .


Pretty Little Papers

Chatting over lunch today (hola tamales!) we found ourselves on the topic of Portland. That famous seaport where young people go to retire. Turns out we are madly in love with some amazing paperies and presses that call Portland home. We thought we'd share a few of our faves:

Oblation Papers & Press

Egg Press

Paper Source

Hard not to drool over these delicately designed paper masterpieces. Also? Letterpress (and egg press) always = awesome. We're *this* close to piling in our jalopy and going on a paper shopping spree, Portlandia style.