Digital Signage: Thinking Outside the Bezel

The Platt Retail Institute released its Quarterly Journal of Retail Analytics on Monday.

KRS' design manager, Tim McCall, contributed the article "Digital Signage: Thinking Outside the Bezel" which begins on page 22 of the Journal.

In the above illustration, part of a retail design project KRS is working on with the University of Oregon that includes incorporating digital signage into the menu board d├ęcor at eateries such as sushi/coffee and pasta bars, the digital element is just one part of a much larger overall design project, illustrating KRS' holistic approach as outlined in the article.

Tim's article includes a handy checklist of digital signage best practices: important “beyond the bezel” considerations for retailers looking to deploy digital signage with maximum impact.


Not So Mellow Yellow

Don't call us mopey. On the contrary, we are beyond un-mopey about this season of thick textiles, over-the-top department store window displays and Starbucks peppermint mocha. But come on, grey skies, give us a break. Not mopey... but just sayin.

If we may be so bold as to butcher a quote from e.e. cummings, "we think we too may have known autumn too long." So today our inspiration comes from the sun, with a bold, yellow aesthetic that snubs its nose at grey skies.

The Yellow Building, London (source)

Arne Jacobsen “Egg” chair (source)

Chihuly chandelier (source)

Ok, feeling better now.