Where It's At: Dubai {part 1}

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Dubai (twist our arms) for a client and our minds are officially blown by the retail amazingness that is this over-the-top city. Seriously, even the McDonald's we saw was ultra-fahncy and cool. In this first post {part 1 of 2} we wanted to share with you some amazing retail spaces we scoped out while touring the town. Classic, and oh-so-golden Louis Vuitton...
Four million (we counted) paper butterflies suspended in the atrium near Mulberry.
Armani/Dubai Caffé
And then for the more traditional café goer, a classic Starbucks. We'd know you anywhere! Home away from home!

Candy much? This wonderland of a retail space turned our eyes to saucers and gave us the sugar shakes and we never even went inside.
Poppin pastels, organic shapes and a futuristic feel all came together at Switch restaurant and lounge.
Finally, the aforementioned McDonald's Dubai. So cool.

Thanks for sharing in our mini-tour. More Dubai inspiration to come in part 2!