KRS Goes to the Dogs

On Sunday, several of KRS' animal-lovin' employees along with their friends, pups, and families got together to participate in the Greenhill Humane Society annual Bark in the Park event.
The day was absolutely gorgeous. The gang was all smiles. Our poor, pasty Oregon skin even saw a little much needed sunlight. Andy drank a box of milk. Fun was had by all.

Together, the KRS-sponsored team raised about $800 for the dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small critters that Greenhill cares for. For more info on the Greenhill Humane Society you can click here.

We wanna give a HUGE BIG AWESOME THANK YOU to all the KRS participants:
Amy, Andy, Brianna, Britney, Cat, Chelsey, Chris, Demetri, Ira, Jackson, Jamie, Jeanne, John, Kris, Krista, Matthew, Meg, Michelle, Samantha, Shaun, Tammy, and Theresa!