KRS and Pizza Today

KRS Creative Director, Christopher Studach, was recently interviewed by Pizza Today on ROI and best practices when it comes to a pizzeria remodel.

Click the link above to view the article in its entirety. Here are a few snippets of wisdom, straight from the Chris' mouth:

"Any trendy design element will quickly date itself and negate much of the benefits of the remodel in the first place... If you don’t have that synergy between design, brand and target customer, then you won’t be maximizing sales. Not at all... How successful over time is a direct result of an educated and targeted design process... A simple face-lift (no kitchen, furniture, etc.) can be very affordable..."  

There's more, of course there is, so click that link up above to read the whole article. 

pssst. Looking for pizzeria eye candy? We were. Here's what we found... 

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From traditional to industrial modern to just super mod modern these stylin pizza shops from around the world each represent pitch perfect design in a thoughtful environment. Che bello!