KRS Releases White Paper

“Understanding Today’s Shopper: The Epicurean Miser” decodes the opposing motivations of today’s consumer and lays the groundwork for retailers to create a value-based environment their customers will look forward to visiting again and again.

Leading retail design firm, King Retail Solutions (KRS), announced today the release of its most recent white paper.

“Understanding Today’s Shopper: The Epicurean Miser” cites both statistical and empirical evidence showing that shoppers, while still frugal, are poised to treat themselves to some of the finer things once again, with some caveats that reflect today’s economy.

The paper suggests tactics as to how retailers can strategically appeal to a customer who believes they shouldn’t spend too much and at the same time wants to feel like they’re indulging in some of the niceties they’ve been denying during this economic downturn.

To view “Understanding Today’s Shopper: The Epicurean Miser” online, visit: http://kingrs.com/whitepaper/epicureanmiser.pdf .