KRS Root Root Roots for the Home Team

We recently held a baseball night for our crew, families, friends, and kids. It was a gorgeous Oregon evening for our local team the Emeralds to take on the truly evil Spokane Indians. Hotdogs and brewskies flowed like water. Peanuts and cracker jacks flowed like champagne. We ate, we smiled, we rooted for the home team.

No one will ever forget Rick the Rocket and Ira aka Fast Eddy's stellar (::side eye::) performance building a human burger (we are the team on the left).

Lightning Lance threw out the first pitch.
Here's some more of the fun.
Oregon gear in the house. Featuring Dan and Ryan left and center.
KRS, the next generation. Keeping in mind that we are designers. Yes, we have designed our offspring to be extra cute.
Least appetizing burger in the history of the world. Most awesome burger in the history of all time.

Needless to say, it was an all around good time. We loved seeing over 200 KRS employees and their friends and family come out for the event! Final score was Emeralds: 8, Indians:2.