Misty Water-Colored Memories...

... of GlobalShop 2012! Sing it, Babs.

It's been a month since KRS joined thousands of our retail brethren for the whirlwind of awesome that was GlobalShop and the first Design Inspiration Showcase. The KRS space was created specifically for the event as an ode to the Pacific Northwest, nodding to our roots, but with a modern edge that had our space standing out from the crowd.

Our trademark orange KRS logo table was retro-fit with vintage hardware and faux re-purposed barnwood for the space.

The 8' by 8' hanging cube featured four custom water color paintings created in-house specifically for GlobalShop.
And don't even get us started on the barcelona chairs. Everyone at KRS is officially obsessed.
For reals, GlobalShop 2012 was a non-stop good time. From the magic of Las Vegas (mechanical bull riding, hello!) to presenting in the Design Theater to meeting and greeting so many industry professionals... we truly had an amazing time. If you came by our space during the show, we sincerely thank you and hope you enjoyed GlobalShop as much as we did.

And big props/thanks to our amazing design intern, Jamie, for photographing the space! Thanks, Jamie! You are awesome!