Awesome Possum!

Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music! KRS was named a finalist for "front-line customer service team of the year" in the Annual Stevie Awards!

You may be saying, Stevie A-huh? But our competition was steep. Other finalists in Sales and Customer Service categories included Boeing, Facebook, Ford Motor Company, Google, Groupon, ING, Macy's, Marriott, Office Depot, Twitter, Volkswagen, and Warner Bros. Shake a stick at that!

Anyways we're pretty excited and so proud of our team. Their war stories of cutting short vacations to attend client meetings, working round-the-clock to be available for international clients, and personally driving or flying retail elements to clients on last-minute requests where traditional delivery methods wouldn't make it on time... those stories won us this honor. We're totally snapping into a Slim Jim to celebrate!